Story Behind Terai Indian Planters' Association

The story of Terai Indian Planters' Association is facinating because of its fairy tale Aura .Like the Prince of tale it has suffered much now finally won the game through courage and self esteem.
The carrier and the personality of the Association has been unique since its inception on February 21, 1928, owning as much to the significant period of the Indian history in which it was born and sustained as the role it had set for itself.

Althought the Founder of this Association and his associates namely-Late T.P Banerjee of Simulbari T.E.Late Basanta Bose of Thanjhora Tea Estate, Late Saradinu Bose of Deomoni Tea Estate (Kiranchandra), Late Abdulbari Khandakar of Nuxaibari Tea Estate,Late Jitendra Mohan Dutta of Atal Tea Estate and other had been suffering dumtly under the oppersive foreign rules they with their meagre resources could establish this independent organisation in TERAI REGION. These noble sources were brave, resolute and honest

Consequently, the organisation they have established on 21.2.1928 effected right from begining a wonderful blending of plantation ethics and patriotism.

What is most intresting is the recognition of the Terai Indian Planters' Association by even the ruling Britishes against whom the founder has waged a persistent Jehad right from the moment of its birth against the mechanisation of British influence. They could not deny Terai India Planters' Associations' popularity inspite of their feeling towards it. The then Bengal Administration admitted that this organisation was believed by some to have more extensive enrolment of members and extended their recognition on 7th February 1928.

Glory of celebrating Golden Jubille Year of our Association is no more shadows, but substantial evidence of our performances, we have only 8 (eight) members in the year 1928 and subsequently more Indian Managers joined and now we have 58 Tea Gardens inclusive of some gardens of Dooars and Darjeeling Hills, and they are in know of our following objectives and satisfied upon the stimulating achievement and success witnessed in this fear of bettering not only the lot of Tea Plantation unit, but also Planters and Planting Community in Terai Area in North Bengal.

(a) To promote the consideration and discussion of all matters connected with the plantation industry, to represent on its behalf and protect and serve its interests :

(b) To represent to the Union, State or Governments or bodies on behalf of the industry or its members on all matters affecting the Industry and its growth and development :

(c) To collect, analyse, interpret and circulate statistics and other information of interest to its members so as to promote the interests in and understanding of the industry :

(d) To undertake any activity or establish relation with C.C.P.A. so as to fulfil the objectives :

(e) To subscribe to any Fund, Association, Institution or Other Body whereby the objects and purposes of Terai Indian Planters' Association may be protected or advanced :

(f) To collect from its members or from other allied sources funds for the purpose of carrying on or furthering the objects of Terai Indian Planters' Association :

(g) To be a member of any fraternal, professional or other bodies to further the objects of the Terai Planters' Association.

(h) To do all such other things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of all its aforesaid objects.

(i) To run one Soil Testing Laboratory, facilities for which are either inadequate or bedabbled by long delay in the testing centres of other such sources for development. In Plantation crop industry accents of research has to be rightly on need-based investigation either specific to different areas or to the genre itself, with a more modest approach as a long term research.

This Association has passed through many critical times but as a result of its collective efforts they have been able to convert Terai, which was traditionally known as poor Tea producing area, into some positions, if not better than its counter-part in Dooars.
This is the philosophy the founders of this organisation evolved and this is the legacy this Association has accepted to preserve.